Are you hosting a family gathering, anniversary, holiday party, or corporate event? Perhaps you’re considering having it catered. Did you know BBQ catering is one of the most sought after catering options?

From large corporate events to small family gatherings, as well as weddings and everything in between, people are starting to see BBQ catering as a viable choice for all their catering needs.

A BBQ catering service will come with their own equipment and tools. Regardless of how big your event is, they feed everyone to ensure they’re full and happy all event long. In short, they provide a service that’s more than just BBQ meals delivery, but an out-of-this-world experience for your guests and a stress-free event for you.

Are you still unconvinced about hiring a BBQ catering service for your event? If so, keep reading to learn seven key reasons why you should consider hiring a BBQ catering company.


With many different choices, a BBQ event is a perfect way to provide a diverse meal that includes options for everyone. One of the most complex parts of planning an event is figuring out a menu that suits everyone’s needs. You must consider vegetarians, gluten free individuals, meat lovers, health conscious friends, and more.

No worries, because there are multiple food options with BBQ catering. With a good BBQ catering service, rest assured you will enjoy meals with more than the usual steak, ribs, grilled chicken, and sausages. In a nutshell, they provide you with a wide ranging menu with foods suitable for everyone.

However, self catering can limit the food choices you’ll prepare for your guests. It is difficult to offer numerous options and even more stressful to prepare them. Also, you may lack the experience to offer a quality BBQ meal that matches your guests’ standards.

Luckily, the best BBQ caterers can serve your guests different foods and flavors. Also, they’re flexible enough to accommodate new BBQ ideas you might have. For instance, if you’ve got a recipe that you want your guests to enjoy, the best BBQ caterers will do their best to bring it to fruition.


Barbecuing is time consuming and labor intensive, especially if you’re serving many people. If you decide to do it by yourself, chances are you’ll get stuck behind the BBQ for a long time. That means you’ll have little time to interact with your guests. You’ll probably spend the whole day cooking and be too tired at the end of the event to ming….all before starting the cleaning task!

But barbecue caterers relieve you from this stress and give you plenty of time to focus on your guests. They ensure your BBQ meals are ready on time and served accordingly. Good BBQ caterers free you from any duties on the event day.

Even better, they do the cleaning and tear down after the event. This means you won’t have to labor to do all these things after a long and tiring day. You’ll have time to rest and socialize with friends or relatives who might be spending the night at your place.


While your own BBQ may be good for your backyard grilling, it may be inadequate when serving many guests. For this reason, you should consider BBQ equipment before deciding to do event barbecuing by yourself. Check whether you have all the tools required and if the ones you have are satisfactory for event grilling. Of course, if you realize you don’t have all the necessary tools, you’ll either rent or purchase them. Keep in mind that finding the right BBQ tools and equipment for your event can be bewildering.

Hiring a BBQ caterer will save you the costs of buying or renting the equipment and the headache of making the right choice.

When you hire a BBQ caterer there is no need to worry if you have enough BBQ tools. They will bring theirs with them and take it away for cleaning after the event.

Also, with a BBQ catering service you’ll have peace of mind that the pieces of equipment are well cleaned. Needless to say, you want your guests to be served quality food under hygienic conditions. Clean grills are crucial because they come in contact with the food.


Many people think they’ll save more money if they avoid hiring a BBQ caterer for their event. The reality is, they end up spending more money than they would have spent if they were working with a BBQ caterer. Self catering is more expensive when compared with hiring caterers.

It’s easy for BBQ caterers to source all the foods and ingredients needed to prepare meals on your menu. They’ve experienced more, so they take less time and resources to prepare a BBQ event. They offer BBQ wholesale, which is less expensive than buying products on your own.

So, with more time, resources, and labor savings, BBQ catering services are more cost effective.


You might do your best to arrange a flawless event, but it’s near impossible to beat or surpass the experts. Without proper training and specialization you will doubtless incur some errors. Hiring a BBQ catering service ensures that your event will be perfect and absent the usual mishaps of a self-catered event, leaving your guests impressed.


The best part about a BBQ themed event is it’s versatile. Whether you’re looking to host a lunch, dinner, or midday event, a BBQ catering service has you covered. Can’t decide between an indoor or outdoor event? A BBQ event works well any way you want it. A BBQ catering service can develop a plan that is exactly what you have been looking for.


Certainly, you can quickly pull off the basic backyard grilling with family and a few friends. But doing the same for important guests or many people can be difficult. This is because the coordination of a big event is complicated.

If you choose to do a barbecue for a large event you may not be able to make quality meals with the desired taste. Also, you’ll probably be limited on the flavor and food options you offer.

When you hire professional BBQ caters, it means you chose experts who barbecue time and time again. Because they do this regularly, they possess the knowledge and skills to prepare high quality BBQ meals. Besides preparing the meals, they’re experienced in serving a crowd.

Experienced BBQ caterers listen to your needs and strive to meet them to enhance your satisfaction.

Hiring a BBQ catering service is one of the smartest decisions you’ll ever make when planning an event. There’s a slew of benefits that come with working with the best BBQ caterers. So whether it’s a family gathering, corporate meeting, small or big event, it’s wise to hire a professional BBQ caterer. Are you looking for the best BBQ catering on Hilton Head in Bluffton and beyond? Are you ready for a fun-filled memorable event? At One Hot Mama’s, we got you covered. We are a professional, trustworthy catering service ready to make your event stand out.